Store Policy

Customer Care

Our job here at G'day Bud Seeds is to provide you with premium cannabis seeds shipped quickly and discreetly to you. 

Very simple philosophy we have here, 

You pick your product,  pay for it and we get it shipped to you quickly and discreetly so you continue to use our services. The only thing we cant control is how quick they ship to you. We will have your order out the door within 48hrs. The rest is up to Postman Pat

Privacy & Safety

We are a very private business. Privately owned and operated.

We take pride that we are staunch and respect your privacy and all your details.

we will never share your information period. I would rather destroy all our client lists and make our computers disappear than hand over to the establishment. we have all seen how heavy handed they have operated in Melbourne with impunity since being given extraordinary powers. The only third party is with our online credit card facilities. they are operated by stripe. i am working on cryptocurrencies at the moment to make everyone feel further at ease. Rest assured, your privacy is paramount to our  business being successful. Two of the hardest things in life to earn and the quickest to lose is respect and trust. both are hard earned.  

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
-Pay ID

  -Internet Bank transfer

-Upcoming Cryptocurrencies